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Solutions for bar

Bar can be part of the restaurant or entertainment complex area, or may be a separate business establishment. in the first case, usually only bar selling drinks and snacks such as snack. The second bar may include a kitchen to serve light snacks (hot and cold). In the work of the bar counters are often the bartender to serve customers in-store. bartender receive customer order processing and order drinks and then charge the customer. Characteristics of the bar is selling a large quantity of beverages (alcoholic) like cocktails, beer ... The cost of most alcoholic beverages is very high, thus requiring a higher concentration when performing sales and inventory.

Software for the bar is usually a mixture of two forms of table service and quick service. Quick service in order to ensure the speed is fast and simple. table service for customers walking in the outside terrace. The inventory of the bar may be regarded as one of the most important business. R-Keeper 7 software with StoreHouse module includes the ability to accurately count up to drink in many types of packaging (bottles) different. Also can use bar code technology for mobile computing inventory for the inventory of expensive wine.

The Keeper R-module application in a bar:

  • R-Keeper Table Service
  • R-Keeper Quick Service
  • R-Keeper StoreHouse
  • R-Keeper Mobile Inventory

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