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Shelter (Hotel System)

Software is a total solution to process advanced and modern. Shelter for the connection between data and synthetic components help provide detailed reports and summary reports for the management of hotels and resorts.

The benefits of using the Shelter:

  • Connections between data and synthetic parts.
  • Provide detailed reports and synthesized for the management of the hotel.
  • Automate and synchronize customer service uses such as restaurants, swimming pool, massage ...
  • Management of records of customers as well as internet booking system making it convenient for customers to use.
  • Reporting system helps rich investors easy planning, development orientation to his hotel.

- Shelter can comprise a suite of centrally-hosted applications, introducing new concepts of guest care and service, each of them encompassing a wide range of services, associated with hotel and leisure industries.

- Data flow, received daily from various services of a hotel, like front desk, reservation desk, housekeeping, is now streamlined and managed via numerous functions of the program.
Cashless payments system is integrated in the program to provide comprehensive financial reports. Bring all cashless payments into invoices, settle payments to suppliers and contractors, receive and analyze hotel's financial activity reports with our multi-purpose and effective program.

- System's rich functionality introduces reasonable and efficient concepts of guest service. Structure of the system can be easily configured to meet the requirements of your hospitality business, encompassing only those modules, that you are in need of.

- Client is able to see available rooms for a certain date and make room reservation on-line, saving time and efforts to make a phone call. The system automatically provides reservation confirmation and cancels the reservation by client's request, with or without penalty applied.

- Hotel management is provided with comprehensive information concerning all the visits made, can permit or prohibit reservation of a certain room, and receives all associated statistics and reports.

- Various hi-tech technologies are at your service, helping you to deliver most progressive customer service: Pay TV, room access control, safe deposit box, room telecom.

- When you need to keep track of room food and beverage consumption, there is the function of room control, which automatically communicates with guest's profile, adding the fee to his folio.

- Cancel reservations, change reservation dates, move clients from one room to another, restore guest's information, who was checked out by mistake - you can do that, and much more, when you apply to our program.

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