Global R-Keeper:


Nowadays, service delivery products processing becomes more attractive than ever. These factors created the need to automate the entire delivery process. R-Keeper Corporation International has always ready to provide delivery of your solution, a system designed specifically for process control product manufacturing and delivery.

Delivery system includes the following functions:

  • Management functions
  • Organization function
  • Dispatcher function
  • Land Feature
  • Reporting System

Product Benefits:

  • Delivery Solution is an integral an integral part of the restaurant management system R-Keeper, which helps the owner of a restaurant centralization and specialization of the operations of its restaurants at the highest level,
  • Delivery solution enables system designers to deliver automated restaurant,
  • Function order over the phone and monitored closely when the full process from production until it can be hand delivered to the customer.

 Steps to order:

  • Calls to the center of the coaxial Restaurants
  • For information address and your phone, the operator will tell you to place in restaurants near your best.
  • Order your food
  • The operator will confirm your order again and tell you the amount you must pay





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