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Solutions to brewhouse

Brewhouse has long been a destination for many entrepreneurs, youth groups and hosts weddings, parties and gatherings of families every weekend.
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Like other restaurants, Brewhouse also the stages of getting the menu and handling in the kitchen, serving tables, check out thuva collection. In the restaurant business, time, speed and quality to meet the menu plays a very important trong.Vi every stage so these factors are timely, fast, does not affect customers. Guests do not like to wait long, or employees brought the wrong: wrong call that carries 0.3 0.5 cups or glasses of beer called black gold that brought the cup .... Data on the menu (figure out the price) will be updated at the POS and printing paper for our printed cards for payment or payment slip sheet for each client individually partly reflected the professionalism of the found.

Beer contains into "Safe" or "barrels", but sold by the glass and the investors have to manage it like? Or pour the beer for our staff full of beer foam, the inventory the last day like? Beer Equipment management of RK is dedicated controller attached to the valve to measure the amount of beer was poured out and the amount of beer imported beer on the POS may be biased deviation comparison.

In addition, the Brewhouse also have input with the raw materials or food processing bien.Cac This material is the high cost and maintenance time is not long. So the Bookkeeper to plan time to sell the exact materials, circulation of materials must also be consistent with the operating conditions of the restaurant. R-system software and Store Keeper 7 4 House will meet all phases of sales and inventories of unsold Brewhouse.    
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The promotion of the Brewhouse in the holidays, drink 3 cups of complimentary glasses again ... also the important issue and the investors expect customer loyalty muon.Nhung Brewhouse tasty and found professional service style will invite friends and partners there, the restaurant can issue a yellow card or silver card, Vip .

R-Keeper modules consistent application of Brewhouse:

  • R-Keeper Table Service
  • R-Keeper StoreHouse (SH4)
  • R-Keeper Personal Discount System (PDS)
  • Liquid control system

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