Global R-Keeper:

ដំណោះស្រាយសំរាប់ Bowling, Karaoke, Billiard

One does not enjoy the time with the work of everyone in the company, any family member or friend to look for healthy entertainment is Bowling, Billiard or Karaoke. So now salons Bowling, Karaoke or Billiard be opened with a professional scale. One part is no shortage of investors are always interested in quality of service management products and consistent bowling, karaoke or Billiard a really good and professional.

The owners are often not secure and quite worried about how to manage consistency. How to manage the accuracy, avoid losses or fraud .... With the R-Keeper management with 20 years experience in the world would be a solution and believe that an effective tool for bringing peace of mind great for investors trading Bowling, Billiard or Karaoke.

The main function of the software management system Bowling, Karaoke or Billiard:

  • Manage the situation room is in use, prevention of money, money goals, time use, cutting hours, overtime.
  • Allow management on a variety of rooms, type table, under the runway at various prices.
  • Transfer the room, moving tables ... are using.
  • Management services drinks, beverages, tobacco ... together.
  • Save up human labor power.
  • Minimize time management.
  • Print bill attached to each service used.
  • Report quickly apparent by week, month, quarter or year.
  • The statistics service best seller in the month.
  • The statistics service areas of low use during the month to get the appropriate upgrade process.
  • Establish policies to reduce prices by opening day ceremony, festival automatic correctly
  • The software enables remote management is ideal for investors who regularly travel work
  • Create peace of mind for customers because the method is extremely accurate calculations.
  • Feature rich but simple interface, user-friendly. All personnelstaff can use expert software only from 1 to 2 days.
  • And a lot of features, functionality of the system utilities…

The Keeper R-module applications in Bowling, Karaoke or Billiard:

  • R-Keeper Head-Office: Software for the central management server string of consistent Bowling, Billiard and Karaoke or be deployed on a central server at the central office.
  • R-Keeper Middle-Server: Server middleware operating on a second server at each restaurant.
  • R-Keeper PDS: management software and customer lists policy settings are automatically discount focus is installed at the central office server.
  • R-Keeper Web-monitoring: remote management software to track the progress of activities the bar at any time.
  • Billiard controller: lighting control system of each table.
  • Bowling interface: Bowling interface: interface with integrated system management and system control bowling. Bowling has managed to help both management and food service / customer drink while playing.
  • Karaoke: tariff management system with many different types of tariff, change over time, according to room type, type of customer…

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