Global R-Keeper:


R-Keeper solutions to automate operations and management in enterprises operating in the field of food service business,entertainment is built on the basis of the information system of automatic control R-Keeper POS and the additional management module.

Automate business

* R-Keeper POS is used to automate service parts operations and revenue in order to input data directly on touch screen terminals scattered in the restaurant.

* R-Keeper PocketPOS menu support as a mobile field staff, at your desk in order for customers through PDA / ipad /iphone / ipod.

* R-Keeper KDS kitchen support unit and the counter dispensing.

Tracking online activities

* Web-Monitor R-Keeper for controlling the activity online via a web browser on the internet.

Support parts management and accounting

* R-Keeper Manager to manage the entire food category, staff and reporting systems and business analysis for accounting and marketing department.

* R-Keeper StoreHouse quantitative food management and circulation of commodities and raw materials inventory and professional.

Customer Care Unit

* R-Keeper PDS managing customer databases, history and details of the bill of customers who eat in restaurants. Management systems membership card, VIP card, discount card, prepaid card and accumulate points system.

Managing a restaurant chain in central office

* R-Keeper Head-Office management of a chain of restaurants in central office

Details of the modules here:

  1.  R-Keeper POS: R-Keeper POS: Professional electronic order
  2.  R-Keeper PocketPOS: PocketPOS R-Keeper: Order by PDA / ipad /iphone / ipod
  3.  R-Keeper KDS: KDS R-Keeper: The display order in the kitchen
  4.  R-Keeper PDS: R-Keeper PDS: Account management and customer membership card
  5.  R-Keeper Web-Monitor: R-Keeper Web-Monitor: restaurant management remotely via Internet
  6.  R-Keeper StoreHouse: StoreHouse R-Keeper: Inventory Management and Quantitative
  7.  R-Keeper Manager: R-Keeper Manager: Database management systems restaurants and business analysis reports
  8.  R-Keeper Head-Office: R-Keeper Head-Office: Managing a restaurant chain in central office

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