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Solutions for fast food restaurant

Models of fast food restaurants are characterized by the production and food processing takes place continuously with the speed, and customer order quantity is not much food in the traditional restaurant. In the fast-food restaurants do not need parts customer service personnel at the desk of a cashier, but working with a relatively high speed to ensure quality "fast food" due to customer requests. Do not allow to happen a queue of customers in the restaurant.

Current market model has many different fast food. Models have received a cashier order, cash, and bring food for guests at the checkout counter, but the buffet style model, customers choose the food and then brought to the cashier to charge, or have models after charging customers will receive a plate number and can move freely, then the waiter will bring food out to customers based on stand-number. To manage the restaurant Fast food like this, R-Keeper with the special edition R-Keeper Quick Service.

If the investor to open a restaurant with a model including restaurant chains are independent or small shops in the food-court may be associated with the Enterprise version of R-Keeper to manage the entire chain Fast food.

The Keeper R-module applications in restaurants and fast food restaurant:

  • R-Keeper Quick Service.
  • R-Keeper Head Office
  • R-Keeper Kitchen Display Unit

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