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Solutions for garden cafe restaurant

Garden cafe model has pGarden cafe model has psing a long development. Besides the restaurant, Western-style coffee is increasingly expanding the garden cafe systems still represent a small place not in the choice of all classes of customers: students, students, the unskilled workers, civil work .... To design a space on the ground is quite wide, open close to nature, to create a comfortable, relaxed after a stressful working hours. Moreover, the garden cafe is now a large scale also equipped with air-conditioned rooms to facilitate business contacts with partners or people sitting freelancer, "the" whole day there just sip café just work. But the moves have more to serve customers as well as the transfer order to the relevant parts often makes for slow and crowded in these cases again omitting information from customers, making customers wait very long and unpleasant to shop space.

Besides the above characteristics, the current system garden cafe also serves lunch room and add a list of dishes and drinks a lot of tourists will at times affect the quality of service for employees with customers. And at the same time the operating system is not stable yet experienced by the deployment will affect very large business situation of the shop not only about sales, order roll ...

Specifically, customers in the weekends and holidays are often very large, the charge is also a problem difficult to solve for large systems in Saigon. For apart from the system easy to manipulate to ensure that users meet the operational speed of coffee in the model, the stability of the system must always be guaranteed. Because of those characteristics, R-Keeper companies always offer a solution to ensure the above requirements, reducing the travel of staff, improved customer service. Solutions include hardware and software:

Hardware: there are many options for ensuring customer satisfaction expectations about art, nature luong.May dedicated POS Dr Dos based operating speed and stabilize the industry standard.

The high-speed thermal printer with professional drivers operating in line mode with cache mode is designed and calculated to ensure stability and fast for the time of order deluge.


  • R-Keeper POS Table-Service: Software for the professional service in the cafe garden as order entry, customer number, division tables, aggregate tables, cash ... friendly interface, easy operation, information intelligence, can design their own interface according habits and requirements of each restaurant. System easy to use does not require users to highly qualified and meet the constantly changing to the restaurant.
  • R-Keeper Manager: Software to create database programs and report daily sales figures.

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