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Restaurant chains and companies trading in F & B is taking steps boom in recent years in both quantity and quality. Market restaurants and hotels of Vietnam is already attracting domestic and foreign investment. In the opinion of experts, business model sequence actually profitable and very high stability in the market. Typically, a restaurant chain restaurants and fast food model (fast-food), cafes models, as the free-flow restaurants and bars. In recent years started to develop more expensive models. According to the majority of investors in the market, the business benefits in the form of string is very clear. The difference compared to form a single restaurant business is the restaurant chain can minimize expenditures on partnerships phinho sense of "major partners" with most vendors, enjoy the program incentives in cooperative programs longterm nature.

The centralized organization operating in a central office also reduce the costs incurred in the administration, facilities, administration and accounting. Focus a uniform standard in the organization of production process technologies, including quality requirements, kitchen, service quality, organizational methods and improve the customer care program (loyalty).

As an inevitable result, business models in the form of chain restaurants always bring higher profits and a competitive advantage in the market. Of course, ambitious investment and build a chain of restaurants investors require an investment equivalent to organize the work of all branches of enterprises.

Characteristics of work organization as a string:

Unlike single restaurant, working conditions in a restaurant chain are:

  • The volume of sales transactions is very large &
  • The restaurant is located in many different areas and under the control of a central office
  • The process of manufacturing (food processing) and service levels according to a consistent standard (process) together.

Specific differences in the reasons for developing additional grave \ t diagram management network structure (sequence). This map is the basic difference with the management principles in a single restaurant.

The distinctive features in the management of restaurant chains:


  • To monitor and control all activities of branch
  • Centralizing purchasing transactions with suppliers
  • Reduce the maximum number of employees due to the centralized management
  • Manage the purchase price at each location
  • Analyze the effectiveness of menu
  • Opening a new restaurant model available within a short time.

R-Keeper Company, is recognized as a leading supplier of market management system restaurants, hotels with R-Keeper Enterprise version 7 includes software and dedicated hardware to manage a chain restaurant efficiency.

The components of the solution include:

  • R-Keeper Head-Office: server management software for chain restaurants centers and deployed on a central server at the central office.
  • R-Keeper Middle-Server: Server middleware operating on a second server at each restaurant.
  • R-Keeper PDS: Hardwarelist management software customer focus is installed at the central office server.
  • Hardware
  • Required infrastructure and connectivity, synchronization ...


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